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oooh, lo-fi!

photo of Marek Litinsky at Vancouver Skatepark

This was a pretty bad color negative to begin with shooting right into the sun. But I used a Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and some photoshop tweaks and was able to get this 1278 x 1500 pixel image. I’ll have to try it on a good negative but I suspect what we have here is a way to degrade your high-res negatives to the relatively low resolution good enough for Instagram or Facebook plus, wacky unpredictability (at least from color negatives. Black and white will be more straightforward.

black and white neg scanned with Lomography smartphone film scanner

Okay, this is a little better, from a black and white neg Kodak BW 400-2. I am happier with the $60 I spent on my OlloClip lens attachment but I guess there is some art potential here.