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Nerding out on Tracker copers packaging

Tracker  Copers packaging

I rode a Ray Bones snubnose deck back in the eighties. I missed it when they reissued it and I always wanted to try to set one up again. I tried to approximate it with a Cab reissue instead. I found copers on EBay and thought I should scan the packaging before I threw it away. More images of the board and packaging after the turn. Oh man just like one of those board collector dudes. At least I did it so I can ride it.


Here’s the board I set up as seen from underneath. Bigger images of the inside and outside of the packaging:

tracker copers packaging_inside
The fact that no one ever checked off what copers these were caused me a small bit of anxiety when I was deciding whether to buy them or not – they were the right size after all. The copers fit Extracks and those rings adapted them for Sixtracks. Haw haw! I paid more for the copers than I did for the trucks, having scored a mismatched pair for $5 a truck (one has a composite baseplate.)

tracker copers packaging-outside

The inside, with rad shot of Mike McGill’s corner-air in the Upland Pipeline combo-bowl.

Photo from the original EBay offering – I bought the red ones – you can even see the stickers that came in the bag, and the one that was discolored.